From 2015 you will work faster and more convenient...

During the development of the SPIDER family, we have taken our eyes on specifically characteristics like; light weight, high performance and compatibility observed with wall- and wire saw systems.
Originated is a system solution for stand-alone operation with a small and light weight power pack and in addition to this with the flexibility to operate the SPIDER tools with your existing control units of the CAPTOR wall- and wire saw family.

Power Pack


Advantage: operation with 400V or 230V. Light weight (11kg) and with more than enough power (11kW)!   Advantage: Use 400/416 or even 450mm diamond blades to cut 175mm deep.
Normal or flush cutting is built in!
  Advantage: With a diamond blade size of  400mm, you get an increadible cutting depth of 300m - imagine!   Advantage: Highest flexibility Use ICS ProForce (professional) chains or also ICS Euromax (semi professional) chains just according to the job you have to do.Normal or flush cutting is built in!
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